Our mission, our team, and our continued goals.

Mittengram’s Mission is Simple:

When you send a Mittengram, we’ll donate a pair to a person in need.

What Makes Mittengram Unique?

There’s something special about a pair of cozy mittens. It sparks memories of simpler times, when thoughtfulness was expressed through quality, custom-made gifts.

The Mittengram Story

Our small-town Wisconsin beginning fits like a . . . mitten! It’s winter here a good bit of the year—so we’re kind of winter experts. We cherish the traditions of our grandparents who taught us how to create quality gifts that are both meaningful and practical. We also know this . . .

Winter is COLD.

The NEED is real.

So, in 2015, Mittengram sent its first pair of mittens along with a personalized note . . . and another pair was donated to a person in need.

Personalized Mittengram with Each Pair

Your customized note is what Mittengram is all about.

Be sure to fill out your personalized message to add a meaningful touch to every Mittengram. Our notes and custom tags send that extra bit of warmth to the recipient, and we let them know someone in need will enjoy a pair, too!

Each pair ordered receives their OWN tag & message!

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Warm Hearts … and Hands.

Our heavyweight knit mittens snuggle your fingers warmly together wrapped in a cozy polar fleece lining. Hiking through the crisp outdoors or just taking a walk around the corner for a cup of Joe, these crafted wonders offer exceptional warmth and protection in all conditions.

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